su su wrote:
> sir, my pc is using FreeBSD now. and now i would like to add a new hard 
> disk which is RedHat. The new harddisk is plug with IDE 2. then , i have no 
> idea how to view the data inside the it i need to mount the 
> new hard disk.???thank 4 help

Yes, you need to mount it. Unfortunately, this will only work with
ext2/3 Linux slice (e.g. ReiserFS is not supported by FreeBSD).

If it's indeed an ext2/3 partition, you can mount it with the following
command (you should not write to Linux slices from FreeBSD in order
to prevent data corruption, so the disk is mounted read-only).

# mount_ext2fs -o ro /dev/ad<N>s<S> /mnt/linux

You can determine N (the device number of the hard drive) with the following

# dmesg | grep ^ad

To find out the right slice S, run the following:

# fdisk /dev/ad<N>

Now you have all the ingredients, so something like

# mount_ext2fs -o ro /dev/ad2s1 /mnt/linux

will probably work for you.


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