On Wed, 12 May 2004, Adam Seniuk wrote:

> I have 2 mail servers, I would like to give those servers 2 ips so if one card
> dies the other will pick it up.
> But I am having a problem since most of the configurations that i have read
> up on have 2 different ip blocks. I have one large block that i can pick
> from.
> Example:
> em0
> em1

For automated failover, there are kinda tricky solutions available.

for manual failover, simply bind the other address as an alias on the
same physical interface on one card, or use a /32 subnet mask on the
second NIC.

BTW: in case of mailers, you could also solve the problem with different
mx records:

>host yahoo.de
yahoo.de has address
yahoo.de mail is handled (pri=5) by mx4.mail.yahoo.com
yahoo.de mail is handled (pri=1) by mx1.mail.yahoo.com
yahoo.de mail is handled (pri=1) by mx2.mail.yahoo.com

So you could simply specify some fallback mailer that picks it up, no
fiddling with different IP...


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