I'm trying to make work a D-Link 504T DSL router/switch with FreeBSD

I've already realised that IPv6 is not supported by the router so I
compiled an IPv4-only kernel and got to work DNS, HTTP, and FTP.

My problem is that ssh and telnet don't work.  I get as far as the
Password prompt, I type it in, and then ssh freezes for a couple of
minutes until it probably goes in timeout and gives up.

The D-Link help desk is useless; the only thing they suggested was to
return the router to where I bought it.  I've anyhow the impression
that the problem might not completely be the router's fault.  In fact
I plugged a Windoze machine, installed PuTTY, and ssh seems to work

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,

walter pelissero
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