> Hi
> I've spend several hours trying to get samba to play nice. I can get user to 
> login from windows to their bsd-account, mount CD's etc.. But I can't get the 
> users to print. I can see the printer and I can install it. But when I click 
> on the installed printer I get "access denied". 

> My setup is a desktop PC running FBSD and a laptop with w2k. These are 
> connected through a router. The printer is a laserjet and works great on the 

I can't help you with samba, but Windows 2000 and Windows XP users
are able to use the LaserJet attached to my FreeBSD machine, which runs
apsfilter. I've attached a copy of my /etc/printcap file at the end of
this message.  The Windows users do not log in to the FreeBSD machine
to use the printer.  I don't have samba installed at all.

The Windows hosts are listed in my FreeBSD /etc/hosts.lpd file; otherwise the
FreeBSD machine won't know who they are and won't permit them to

Follow the Windows instructions to install "print services for unix,"
then install a local, not network, printer using the LPR port on the
Windows machines.  Share the printer so all Windows users can use it.

Hope this helps.
Don Tyson

/etc/printcap file:

# APS1_BEGIN:printer1
# - don't delete start label for apsfilter printer1
# - no other printer defines between BEGIN and END LABEL

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