On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 09:10:30PM +0100, Szymek K. wrote:
> I've got an old p200mmx box with 160MB of mem running FreeBSD 4.9, it's a
> mail,web and mysql server just for my home lan. I've
> recently got hold of an used but working AMD K6-2/333. Still using P200mmx
> I've changed my make.conf march flags to k6-2 and then I'd built the world and
> kernel, installed them and changed the cpu to k6-2/333. Now, system
> runs stable but I am unable to complile anything. gcc gives a lot of errors
> (sig11, core dumps etc). What did I do wrong ? Processor is not overclocked
> and the memory was not a problem when running under P200MMX. Also It's not a
> overheating issue, I've adapted modern Athlon cooler with a proper
> thermal compound and I've  tested it by taring and bziping / a few times
> .Any ideas anyone ?  

It really does sound like hardware instability.


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