Hopefully, a simple question.


I have set up a FreeBSD server to develop a web app for a client.

my system is:


            FreeBSD                       Version 5.2

            Apache             Version 2.0.47

            MySQL             Version 4.0.16

            MySQLCC                     Version 0.9.3

            PHP                 Version 4.3.3


Now I am able to create the pages, (using Quanta 3.1.4).but I cannot view

from anywhere except the FreeBSD box.


Before I upgraded from FreeBSD 4.9 to 5.2, I could get to the site from my
W2K system, 

using a VirtualHost setting and browsing to


In the httpd.conf file, I had the following setup:


            nameserver FreeBee.reddwarf


            Listen 5000



                        ServerAdmin      [EMAIL PROTECTED]

                        DocumentRoot   /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/helpdesk

                        ServerName       www.helpdesk.com

                        ErrorLog            logs/helpdesk-error_log

                        TransferLog       logs/helpdesk-transfers_log




This seemed to work fine, as I was able to get to the page from my W2K

and I have duplicated these settings in the current setup.  

(I have also tried numerous other settings)


When I try to connect to the site now (after upgrading to 5.2), I get "could
not connect to host 10.0.027:5000"


My network is setup:


                         -Domain Controller    W2K Server

   -     -Windows Clients  (mine is

                         -FreeBSD box (This is set up
with DHCP)


I believe I have to set up something in the hosts file, but I cannot seem to

anything on the Apache or FreeBSD sites that really relate to the problems I
am having.  

I have searched for the last 4 days with no success..


Currently, my hosts file looks like this:


            ::01                   localhost FreeBee.reddwarf

             localhost FreeBee.reddwarf

             FreeBee FreeBee.reddwarf

             DTServer DTServer.reddwarf

              Bruno Bruno.reddwarf



FreeBee is the name of the FreeBSD box,  DTServer is my Domain Controller

and Bruno is my workstation.  reddwarf is the domain (LAN only)


All of these boxes are behind my router, and function solely as a LAN.  

I can get to the internet through the router (


My resolv.conf file is written by dhclient, and points to


            search reddwarf



This works fine for browsing from the FreeBSD box, and I can get to any
website I want to,

but I have seen some articles/mails on freebsd.org that suggest this needs

include something else to resolve FreeBee.


My rc.conf file is:











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