At 7:07 PM +0200 5/8/04, Ph. Schulz wrote:
Is there a way to give a "shutdown now; <use /bin/sh>; exit" command from the command line if I'm logged in remotely? Or do I really need to use "reboot" and go through the whole hardware reinitialization?

I don't think this is possible. The reason is (if I understand things correctly) that if you're in single user mode, the network isn't started, so there's no way of accessing the machine through ssh, rlogin or something similar.

Exactly right. That's why I want a script that starts the process while I'm logged in over the network, but finishes the process even after I'm kicked off.

I think you're best off if you hook up a serial console to your machine and remotely access that console. There are commercial solutions for this but any low-end PC will do.

That is massive overkill for something that should be much simpler and hopefully not involve new hard ware.

--Paul Hoffman
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