Hi Matthew,

Tks for your advice.

> > Which file shall I re-configure to authorize
> 'User-A'
> > using 'burncd' to burn CD and how to edit it.
> /usr/local/etc/sudoers would be a good file to use
> to set up that sort
> of thing.

Noted with thanks

I only expect to allow 'User-A', not all users, to
burn CD. I can

# chmod 660 /dev/acd1

then all users can burn CD.

User-A is alrady allowed to burn CD with

$ su
password: (root password)

What I expect to change is to allow User-A
$ su
password : using his own password instead of 'root

> You will have to install the
> security/sudo port and read up
> on the sudoers(5) manual page and the visudo(8)
> application used to
> edit that file.

Noted with thanks.

What do these numbers (5) and (8) referring to.  Page



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