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The problem I'm having is, after they do the rm's, it doesn't free the disk space. df shows it still being used, but du claims their directories are empty.

Please see

..regarding this. Maybe a kill -HUP nfsd might help ?

Actually, no. In fact, I just did a quick test, with a 500mb file, and as root, I deleted the 500mb, and my df doesn't report the newly freed space - I did this locally, with no NFS in the mix.. I have softupdates turned on, and quotas turned on (although I just recently turned on the quotas after having this problem, so that isn't causing problems)..

How long after the rm did you do the df? I have noticed that there
is a time delay before df reports the updated disk statistics - in the range of a minute or two. I think I read about it in a FAQ somewhere, so, maybe the reference someone else posted will shed some light.

This particular time I waited a few minutes, but I have waited 1.5 days for the other data to disappear. I end up rebooting the server, which ends up fsck'ing the disk with lots of unreferenced inodes or some such thing.. I get my space back, but a reboot is needed.. not good.


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