> Jerry McAllister wrote:
> >>Nelis Lamprecht wrote:
> >>
> >>>On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 05:04, Eric Anderson wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>The problem I'm having is, after they do the rm's, it doesn't free the 
> >>>>disk space.  df shows it still being used, but du claims their 
> >>>>directories are empty. 
> >>>>   
> >>>Please see 
> >>>
> >>>http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/disks.html#DU-VS-DF
> >>>
> >>>..regarding this. Maybe a kill -HUP nfsd might help ?
> >>>
> >>Actually, no.  In fact, I just did a quick test, with a 500mb file, and 
> >>as root, I deleted the 500mb, and my df doesn't report the newly freed 
> >>space - I did this locally, with no NFS in the mix..  I have softupdates 
> >>turned on, and quotas turned on (although I just recently turned on the 
> >>quotas after having this problem, so that isn't causing problems).. 
> >
> >How long after the rm did you do the df?   I have noticed that there
> >is a time delay before df reports the updated disk statistics - in the 
> >range of a minute or two.  I think I read about it in a FAQ somewhere, 
> >so, maybe the reference someone else posted will shed some light.
> >
> This particular time I waited a few minutes, but I have waited 1.5 days 
> for the other data to disappear.  I end up rebooting the server, which 
> ends up fsck'ing the disk with lots of unreferenced inodes or some such 
> thing.. I get my space back, but a reboot is needed.. not good.

OK.  It is well beyond that possibility then.   Someone suggested a
disk-full bug in softupdates.   Maybe there is.   I haven't over filled 
a partition on soft-updates yet so, haven't been there.

Good luck,


> Eric
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