I've been using FreeBSD 4.7-stable on a PIII box for a while.
I tried  for weeks to get the gnome1.4 desktop running but to no prevails.
The problems i encountered were:

1) when gnome starts, it pop up a diaglog box saying
" unable to find host adress for.
please check the file /etc/hosts ...... blah blah blah"
Then it gave me choices to continue/ try again,
if i click try again, the diaglog box appear again & if i click continue, the blank desktop just freezed

2)  My  /etc/hosts file is OK,  it looks like below:
    ::1         localhost localhost.my.domain      localhost localhost.my.domain

3) my X11 & windowmaker (Enlightenment) start just fine, but every time when i exit the
windowmaker, the same situation like problem 1) reappear.

4) the Xserver-error file in my home dir sounds like this:
   Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
   Xlib: No protocol specified
   Gtk-warning **: cannot open display: :0

5) do i need Openssh in order to run X11 &/ gnome1.4 ?
   just what's wrong with my gnome desktop ?

Many thanks for those who can help.

regards, winter.

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