Khong SF wrote:
> Hi
> I've been using FreeBSD 4.7-stable on a PIII box for a while.
> I tried  for weeks to get the gnome1.4 desktop running but to no prevails.
> The problems i encountered were:
> 1) when gnome starts, it pop up a diaglog box saying
>    " unable to find host adress for.
>      please check the file /etc/hosts ...... blah blah blah"
>     Then it gave me choices to continue/ try again,
>     if i click try again, the diaglog box appear again & if i click 
> continue, the blank desktop just freezed
> 2)  My  /etc/hosts file is OK,  it looks like below:
>     ::1               localhost
>      localhost

You will need to specify a non-loopback ip address, e.g. mybox

> 3) my X11 & windowmaker (Enlightenment) start just  fine, but every time 
> when i exit the
>    windowmaker, the same situation like problem 1) reappear.
> 4) the Xserver-error file in my home dir sounds like this:
>    Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
>    Xlib: No protocol specified
>    Gtk-warning **: cannot open display: :0
>    SESSION_MANAGER=local/:tmp/.ICE-unix/274
> 5) do i need Openssh in order to run X11 &/ gnome1.4 ?
>    just what's wrong with my gnome desktop ?

No, you don't need OpenSSH for Gnome or XFree. The above addition to
/etc/hosts should suffice.

Just as an aside: Gnome 1.4 is no longer part of the ports collection,
and thus it's not officially supported (the current Gnome version in the
ports collection is 2.6.1).

The same thing applies to FreeBSD 4.7: It's not an officially supported
security branch any more:


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