I am in search for a application that I can use on my freebsd machine to 
read a mail spool and track email's that are sent in from customers. I would 
like to be able to track what employee has replied to how many email's. It 
would also be of great help if the application had the ability to lock any 
email messages that are currently being worked on until unlocked by the 
person reading it or a system admin. 

  At one place I had worked in the past they had pearl programmers in house 
and spent some time on a system that would allow users (Employees) to log 
into a web based application. Each user would be able to see the same 
messages. ( Simular to a webmail client however each users has their own 
login) This system would allow each user to reply to the customers with a 
department signature and their name at the bottom. This way the customer hits 
reply and it goes to the department not the employees mailbox. Also allowing 
the next employee to review what was asked and the response that the previous 
co worker gave.

Any thoughts or ideas? 

Shawn Guillemette

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