In the last episode (May 22), Stephen Liu said:
> Most filenames saved exceed 8 characters. After burning on CD they
> can be read comfortable on the same OS as well as other Lunux/Unix
> boxes. The problem comes while reading the same CD on Window
> Explorer, XP, ME, etc. The filename can't read clearly because all of
> them changed to 8 character max, such as ~01, ~02, etc. Is there any
> solution on burning CD allowing the long filename (exceeding 8
> characters) can be read clearly on Windows identical to their name
> read on Linux/Unix

Make sure you pass the flags -J and -r to mkisofs; they enable the
Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions, which will attach Windows and Unix
filenames to each entry in the ISO image.  See the mkisofs manpage for
more info.

        Dan Nelson
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