On Saturday 22 May 2004 14:22, Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> hi,
>   I've posted a question here regarding the enabling
> of ftp server.. Some responses said, its as easy as
> just uncommenting out one of these lines in
> inetd.conf.
> #ftp    stream  tcp     nowait root
> /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd -l
> #ftp    stream  tcp6    nowait  root
> /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd -l
> #tftp   dgram   udp     wait    root
> /usr/libexec/tftpd      tftpd -s /tftpboot
> #tftp   dgram   udp6    wait    root
> /usr/libexec/tftpd      tftpd -s /tftpboot
> Question:
> Which of these four lines should I really uncomment
> out?

Unless you wanty ipv6 (unlikely) then the first is enough.

> What's the difference between an ftp and a tftp?
> And what's next?

Having edited inetd.conf you probably need to restart inetd
or send it a HUP signal.

If your friends have accounts on your machine this is probably

Otherwise you'll need to set up anonymous ftp. Ftp is actually 
served by ftpd so the information inon setting this up is in
the man page ftpd(8).

>    I know that, to be able to have a complete ftp
> directory, you'll have to provide the directory itself
> where you will place the files that you will let
> others to download from you... In my case I want to
> share my files in my home directory coz it contains
> files that I wanted my friends to donwload from me...
You can't do that with anonymous ftp. However you can 
move the files to a directory under the "ftp" user and
provide a symbolic link in your home directory to that
ftp directory.
>    I Also know that my ISP provides my with a dynamic
> ip address.
>    After uncommenting that ftp line in inetd.conf, how
> will my friends be able to access my files now?
Well there are internet sites offering dynamic DNS services;
but I have no experience. 

You could also monitor your IP address and whenever it 
changes (which while you stay connected is probably not 
often) send your friends an automated e-mail.

>    Is there any configuration file for ftp server that
> will tell where the directory itself is located, the
> username and password my friends should provide, and
> my current ip address? Coz' I can't seem to find it
> somewhere in the handbook..
With password login they will have same file access as it 
they logged in normally.

For security you would be better to use ssh, scp and the ftp
replacement that tunnels through ssh.


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