Edd wrote:
I recieved my security run today (as usual) and an error which I have
never seen before appeared:

hitbox.monsternet.lan kernel log messages:

tabase /etc/aliases.db: No such file or directory

A quick locate shows that there is no such command as tabase! Any ideas what this might be?

That should probably read "database", and the message just got clipped for some reason. Some program apparently tried to access '/etc/aliases.db', failed to do so and logged an error message, which the security run scripts subsequently reported to you.

You may want to investigate which of your software expects 'aliases.db' directly under '/etc'. Normally, this file lives under '/etc/mail' in FreeBSD, or at least in 4.x, and all software ported to FreeBSD properly should know about that. Did you install some programs directly from their original source, that is, not from the FreeBSD ports/packages collection?

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