I had the same thing show up today .. and what it wound up being was postfix

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>Edd wrote:
>>I recieved my security run today (as usual) and an error which I
>>never seen before appeared:
>>hitbox.monsternet.lan kernel log messages:
>>>tabase /etc/aliases.db: No such file or directory
>>A quick locate shows that there is no such command as tabase! Any
>>what this might be?
>That should probably read "database", and the message just got
>clipped for some reason. Some program apparently tried to access
>'/etc/aliases.db', failed to do so and logged an error message,
>which the security run scripts subsequently reported to you.
>You may want to investigate which of your software expects
>'aliases.db' directly under '/etc'. Normally, this file lives under
>'/etc/mail' in FreeBSD, or at least in 4.x, and all software ported
>to FreeBSD properly should know about that. Did you install some
>programs directly from their original source, that is, not from the
>FreeBSD ports/packages collection?
> Uwe
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