In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Paul Brownsea (pb) writes:

pb> ad0: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 - resetting
pb> ata0: resetting devices .. 

pb> And then it just hangs.

This one is getting popular.

There is at least one disk controller chipset out there which FBSD 4.X
doesn't understand. If you can turn off DMA disk access in the BIOS,
you may be able to install. 

If you really are just trying it to see, try 5.2.1. It's not
officially reccomended for production use yet, but it seems perfectly
OK, just remember if something acts weirdly that you shouldn't assume
it reflects what 5.X will be like when it is nailed down and solid. In
a few months from now when you decide it's just what you need for some
real use, 5.X may be the reccomended stable version anyway, so you'll
have become familair with the right thing.

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