Dan Nelson wrote:

The ports tree is just instructions on building programs.  It doesn't
include the source.  That would add another 14GB to the size of your
download :)

You will have to manually download that file and place it in
/usr/ports/distfiles, or tell fetch about your authenticated proxy (run
'man 3 fetch', search for ENVIRONMENT).

Heh... I feel soooooooooo stupid... i did feel something was wrong when i found that ports.tar.gz was 27mb but i thought maybe it has been super-compressed or something. But honestly, no where in the guide or the ports page led me to believe that i would need the 14GB download... i think i'll get the CDs...

As for fetch, i have added vars in make.conf file and i am getting authenticated now but for some reason i can only access files through http and not ftp...

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