>From a high level view, it means you don't have access to 4.6 meg of
data space on a 40 gig hard drive.  That represents 1/10000 of the
disk space you do have available to you.  Don't worry about it, install
the OS and enjoy FreeBSD.

> > 2) When installing FreeBSD, sysinstall warns that a geometry of the
> > first drive (1) as it detects it (77545/16/63) is incorrect and
> > can't be used. It automatically replaces the values with
> > 4865/255/63. The problem is that after replacing the geometry with
> > 4865/255/63 the number of LBA sectors (as listed in the Disk Slice
> > editor) becomes lower than the manufacturer spec (78,156,225 instead
> > of 78,165,360). What does this mean?

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