Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:
> I'm currently on freebsd 4.9 and wanted to upgrade to
> 4.10 using cvsup
> This is my supfile



do yourself a favor and use a copy of the example supfile


The only thing you need to change is the `host' line. If you want the
security branch (4.10 release + security fixes) for FreeBSD 4.10,
you will also need to change RELENG_4 (-stable) into RELENG_4_10.

I wouldn't mess with partial fetching of the sources. If you already
have the sources from your FreeBSD 4.9 cdrom, updating to 4.10 shouldn't
take more than half of an hour using a 56K modem.

I'd also give the same advice for ports: Install the from the cdrom
first, use the example supfile, and fetch the whole tree -- this will
save you a lot of trouble at virtually no expense (I don't now your
connection charges, though).


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