On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 11:36:46PM +0200, Henrik W Lund wrote:

> As Mr. Simon Barner stated, you can save a whole lot of downloading by 
> first installing the 4.9 sources off of the CD-ROM, then cvsupping using 
> the supfile you just made. This will get you only those files that are 
> different between 4.9 and 4.10, and only the bits of them in which the 
> differences lie. If you start out with an empty /usr/src, you'll pull 
> down around 300MB of source code (give or take, depending on what 
> packages you download). If it's already populated by 4.9 sources, you 
> can cut back considerably on this.

This is very good advice, and using cvsup regularly to pull down the
updates to your copy of the system sources will not unduely tax a 56k
modem connection.  Ditto for the ports tree.

However when using cvsup(1) to "take over" a collection of sources
obtained elsewhere (ie. copied from the installation media) you should
be aware of these very useful one-time procedures:


Although, obviously you will need to substitute 'RELENG_4_10' or
'RELENG_4_9_0_RELEASE' at appropriate points.



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