At 23:52 6/2/2004, Ho, Guan hui, wrote:
>I need help on how to make the routing persistent in Win98.  I have my PC
>connected to a network that has two separate routers connected to the same
>network.  One of the routers is for surfing the internet and the other is
>for connectivity to the VPN email system.
>I used to change the gateway and restart the PC depending on what I need to
>access.  Not a practical solution.  I now can do so by going to the MSDOS
>prompt and type in the routing command.  Please find example below. 
>c:\>route add mask
>c:\>route add mask
>This works perfectly but only problem is that I have to keep typing it every
>time I start the PC.  Microsoft does not support the -p command on the above
>in 95/98 system.  For my XP machine, I just need to add the -p after "add"
>in both these lines and it will stay permanently even if you restart the
>I now create a shortcut on the desktop to point to a batch file I created.
>The batch has the route instruction in it.  All I have to do now is to click
>the icon on the desktop when I restart my PC.  Not a bad solution but would
>be better if this can be put into a startup file of Windows.  
>Which INI file is the right one to use and how do I put the line in it to
>call the batch file?

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If you put 'autoexec.bat' in the root directory, the commands
contained within it will execute before going into Windows.

If Windows needs to be running, take a copy of your shortcut to
the batch file and put it in:

C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\

You will know you are in the right directory because there
should be some other programs that run on boot up.

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