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> Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 00:52:26 -0400 
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> Subject: Need Help on Win98
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> I need help on how to make the routing persistent in Win98.  
> I have my PC
> connected to a network that has two separate routers 
> connected to the same
> network.  One of the routers is for surfing the internet and 
> the other is
> for connectivity to the VPN email system.
> I used to change the gateway and restart the PC depending on 
> what I need to
> access.  Not a practical solution.  I now can do so by going 
> to the MSDOS
> prompt and type in the routing command.  Please find example below. 
> c:\>route add mask
> c:\>route add mask
> This works perfectly but only problem is that I have to keep 
> typing it every
> time I start the PC.  Microsoft does not support the -p 
> command on the above
> in 95/98 system.  For my XP machine, I just need to add the 
> -p after "add"
> in both these lines and it will stay permanently even if you 
> restart the
> system.
> I now create a shortcut on the desktop to point to a batch 
> file I created.
> The batch has the route instruction in it.  All I have to do 
> now is to click
> the icon on the desktop when I restart my PC.  Not a bad 
> solution but would
> be better if this can be put into a startup file of Windows.  
> Which INI file is the right one to use and how do I put the 
> line in it to
> call the batch file?
> Thank you.
> Guan
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Hopefully my fellows don't get bothered if I answer that one:

just add the option '-p' to the route command like

c:\>route -p add mask

Is this list really only for FreeBSD users?
What about the "FreeBSD *and* MS" users?   ;-)


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