Well all the tests I ran (about 2 memory testers and 2 benchmarks) caused
the box to die - even the make installs did half the time. Now that I've
disabled SMP there are no problems, and the same tests are working

The only thing I've changed is the SMP support, and now its been running for
4 days, before it wouldn't run for 12 hours


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 Le 04/06/2004 à 11:47:14+0200, Dave Raven a écrit
> Hi all,
>    Installed 5.2.1 on a high load server - albeit not recommended - and 
> it was working perfectly with SMP support. It picked up 4 cpu's and 
> appeared to be using them all. (The box is a dual 2.4gig Xeon machine). 
> Anyway, the box was as I said under quite a bit of load, and would die 
> about once a day - just reboot. I looked into it a bit and found 
> whenever I put more load on (e.g. a make install in ports) it would 
> panic - vm_load_page or something like that - sorry about being so 
> vague. Anyway I took out SMP support, and now it boots with 2 cpu's - 
> one normal Xeon + HT for the second (no idea how to disable that - but I 
> don't need to)... its been running perfect for 4 days now and I put it 
> under SERIOUS load.. has anyone else had SMP problems on 5.2.1? I 
> couldn't find anything about it at first glimpse...

Have you shure this problem is with FreeBSD ?

First check your memory with some software like memtest86

When I've this kind of problem, always it's because some error in RAM.


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