I have NetBSD 2.0 BETA installed on my laptop.  Unfortunately, NetBSD does
not support my Compaq WL110 wireless card.  I looked at the
FreeBSD man pages and saw that FreeBSD does support my wireless card.  I
thought I would be able to take the card's id and other pertinent
information from the FreeBSD source code and put it in an appropriate file
in the NetBSD source and recompile my kernel.  I poked around the FreeBSD
source code and found the file sys/dev/wi/if_wi_pccard.c which had an
array called wi_pccard_products.  This was similar to a structure found in
the NetBSD source file dev/pcmcia/if_wi_pcmcia.c.  I figured that I
would be able to get my card id from there.  However, the card is not
listed in the array; however, all the other cards seem to be listed there.
The Compaq NC5004 is listed, but that uses a
different chip.  I'm guessing that wi(4) falsely states that it
supports my wireless card.

I don't know much about driver programming, but am I missing something
here?  Even if the if_wi_pccard.c did have my card listed, would I be able
to use it port it over to NetBSD (assuming I got all of the #define
statements, too)?  NetBSD supports the Hermes chip.

BTW, my wireless card does work:  it works fine on my Windows 2000

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