On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Louis LeBlanc wrote:

See /usr/ports/print/hpijs.

This certainly claims to work. I'm not understanding something though. I'm trying to set it up through /etc/printcap as described, but I still get the same problem after restarting lpd.

I've downloaded the ppd, done the edits as recommended, and the
/etc/printcap entry is as follows:

Here's where I'm not sure: The command I added to the ppd file is: *FoomaticRIPPostPipe: "| rlpr [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

Now, I changed this under the assumption that the queue on the printer
is named lp.  The machine is reachable (and pingable) at the dns name
"printer" so I'm sure that part is correct.

HP JetDirects use "raw" for the queue name. Here is your printcap with some suggested changes:

lp|HP PSC 2510:\

(Your if= and af= might be wrong; don't know.)

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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