Karen Donathan wrote:


What is the best way to back up the html directory? We do not have a
tape drive.

There are many. Keep watching the list and some might show up.

Is there a way to have an automated .tar file created and
sent as email so I could save it on another server?  Any help would be

Karen Donathan
George Washington High School
Charleston, WV

There are lots of ways, I'm sure, although, like I said, this strategy might not be the best option --- I'm no expert. OTOH, if it works ...

Hmm, something like this in cron?  You'd need to get acquainted
with shar(1), that old sneaky archiving process....

tar -R mydir -cf mydir.tar && shar mydir.tar > mydir.tar.shar && mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] < mydir.tar.shar


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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