On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 10:29:27AM -0400, Karen Donathan wrote:
> Hello.
>      What is the best way to back up the html directory?  We do not have a
> tape drive.  Is there a way to have an automated .tar file created and
> sent as email so I could save it on another server?  Any help would be
> great!

In addition to other suggestions, for various remote servers I like
using rsnapshot (google for its homepage, it's also in the ports

It works as rsync over ssh, and it keeps a configurable amount of
previous snapshots.  e.g. a common configurations is 6 per day at
4-hourly intervals, 7 per week at daily intervals, and 4 per month at
weeks intervals, so that you can always go back to see what your
files were like up to a month ago.

Since your HTML files are probably comparatively small, you may find
this method quite convenient.  Even for large sets of files the
hardlinking of unchanged files means that surprisingly little
overhead of disk space is used.

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