Lucas Holt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I would second this.
> >
> > At least I know the core OS is secure and stable.  The only thing I 
> > need to
> > worry about is the Frontpage extension itself.  Customers are 
> > customers ...
> > they want what they want, and if I don't give it to them, they'll take 
> > their
> > money elsewhere.
> I just remember working at a hosting company a few years back.   I 
> didn't administer the linux servers, but I recall the linux admin had a 
> great deal of trouble with unix frontpage extensions and getting them 
> upgraded periodically.  He often sat on stale software because it was a 
> pain.  I don't believe any operating system is more secure than 
> another.  It all depends who is setting them up.  My former boss was 
> very lax about security and his linux systems were often rooted.  My NT 
> servers were never rooted as i took proper security precautions and 
> patched regularly.  People can get in through services more often than 
> exploiting OS vulnerabilities.  of course anyone can get rooted, I was 
> just rather lucky.

>From the way you're talking, it doesn't sound like luck, it sounds like you
were smart.

I agree with the general statement ... that any OS can be secure if properly
adminned.  I just find that it's much, much more work to properly admin a
MS system than FreeBSD!

Find me anything similar to portaudit in the Windows world.  The tools in
FreeBSD a just plain better.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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