On 06/11/04 08:18 PM, Bill Moran sat at the `puter and typed:
> Louis LeBlanc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I know nobody is going to "guarantee" their answer to this one, but is
> > RELENG_5_2 reliable enough for a moderately loaded system?  If it is,
> > are the gains worth the supposedly lower stability?  Would I even
> > notice this, going from a 400Mhz to a 3.0Ghz?
> I think you'd be happier with 5 at this point.  Not -CURRENT, but the latest
> 5.2.1.
> You are going to have a few problems, depending on what you're doing.  For
> example, I wanted to do C# development on FreeBSD, and was majorly bummed to
> find that mono doesn't work on 5 ... seems to work OK on 4.
> So you might just want to peruse the ports you want searching for BROKEN=
> messages that refer to 5.x before taking that route.
> I believe the upgrade path from 4 to 5 is more or less a reinstall at this
> point ... but wiser folk may correct me on this if I'm wrong.
> I ran 5 for quite a while on my 1G desktop machine, and the only frustration
> I had was being unable to use mono.  Then my HDD went up in smoke, and when
> I reinstalled, I put 4 on so I could do C# work ... then (following the
> rules of Murphy) I got tied up in other things, and haven't done a damn thing
> with C# yet ...

Isn't that always the way?  Just when I get my best ideas, I get moved
to another project . . .

> Anyway, 5 seemed (in my opinion) to perform just as well as 4 for a desktop
> system, so I wouldn't worry about that at all.

Thank you so much.  You've certainly alleviated my stability concerns,
and I'll certainly be glad not to have to go offline a couple days for
the 4.x to 5.x upgrade (I'd just wind up putting it off to the point
of foolishness).

I'm not so concerned about C# right now, so I think 5.2.1 will
probably be it.  And I'll certainly scour the ports to verify the ones
I *do* want.

Thanks again!

Now to decide whether to change my IMAP server.  Any recommendations?

I'm using Cyrus now, but I suspect it may be paramount to using a
shotgun to kill a gnat.  I have like 3 users, and each one has a login
anyway (to accomodate Samba shares).  I definitely want to keep IMAP,
but adding POP3 will depend entirely on the associated pain factor.

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