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> Now to decide whether to change my IMAP server.  Any recommendations?

Try mail/dovecot -- works very nicely for me, and seems to be able to
cope with the ideosyncracies of pretty much every commonoly used IMAP
client out there.  

Supports both mbox and maildir style mailboxes, and it will chroot the
mail reading process into the ~/Mail directory for the user, plus
other very nice security enhancements.
> I'm using Cyrus now, but I suspect it may be paramount to using a
> shotgun to kill a gnat.  I have like 3 users, and each one has a login
> anyway (to accomodate Samba shares).  I definitely want to keep IMAP,
> but adding POP3 will depend entirely on the associated pain factor.

If you've got IMAP, why on earth would you want POP3?  Unless you're
getting annoyed at the amount of space people are using and you want
to try and force them to download all their e-mail onto their own
machines?  Which doesn't necessarily work, even if you force people to
access your server via POP3 -- much better to implement quotas on your
mail spool.



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