Goodleaf, John wrote:

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>   So I have a FreeBSD server at home serving some web pages, mostly web
>   mail (Apache). It's running on a DSL line behind a gateway that
>   forwards port 80 requests to it. Now here's the problem. I need to
>   serve also from an IIS .NET server (it's for my girlfriend; don't bug
>   me). So my question: How do I serve some things from the IIS server
>   and some from the BSD server?  Do I set up some kind of proxying?
>   I'm sure there are three hundred solutions, but this is not something
>   I've ever had to learn about. I'm willing to RTFM; I just want to be
>   pointed in the right direction.
>   Thanks,
>   John

If you need it on the same IP address and port, you can set up a reverse
proxy using mod_proxy.  I've only ever used it with Apache 2 but I think it
works the same on 1.3, if that's what you're using.  You basically specify
that requests for a particular path will be served by another server.  This
can be combined with virtual hosts if you want.  See the ProxyPass and
ProxyPassReverse directives.


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