I'm not really sure where to ask this, so I'm defaulting to the
questions list.

I recently reinstalled my machine and am running 5.2.1-RELEASE. Now that
Firefox 0.9 has been released, I decided to try installing it. (Note:
Since this is a freshly reinstalled workstation, no previous versions of
Mozilla or Firefox were lying around. I also deleted the .mozilla and
.phoenix directories from my homedir backup before running this new

The install was successful, but as soon as I try to run the program, all
I get is the same message repeating over and over again in my xterm:

        *** loading the extensions datasource

The browser never actually starts and that message keeps repeating until
I ^C out of it.

Has anybody else encountered this since the new port came out? Previous
versions of Firefox on my old workstation (also of the 5.x line) worked
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