On 06/17, Matthew Seaman rearranged the electrons to read:
> > Try starting it as root then as a regular user.  It's weird.  I had that
> > but after long enough I got a message about too mamy open files.
> I found that running as root via sudo meant that firefox created a
> root-owned ~/.mozilla/firefox directory -- so as soon as I tried to
> run it under my own UID, that lead to being constantly asked to create
> a new profile, failing to do that and then crashing as observed.

Interesting. The 15:29 checkin by marcus said "The warning about running
as root first is no longer needed since the hack seems to work", so I
didn't try it again. He was, apparently, wrong.

Now, when I start it via sudo (rather than a "su -" and an exporting of
the display), it starts up just fine. After a "chown -R" of the .mozilla
directory to me, it starts fine as my userid, too.


Thanks, everybody, for the replies! I really appreciate it.

- Jamie
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