LW Ellis wrote:
I'm trying to configure my ftpd so I can access the http server from another
(for uploading web pages)
According to The Complete FreeBSD
(I am a complete newby)
I need to add a line to my /etc/rc.local file
I don't have one.
I have a /etc/rc.conf
Are  they the same?
Or do I need a new file?

Next question
The line I need to add ???
echo " ftpd" && ftpd -a -D xxx.xxx.xxx
(to restrict address to only one)
(from what I gleaned from ftpd(8) of the manual)

Please use a more appropriate subject for your questions!! ---

Why are you not using inetd.conf for that?
Then you don't need the rc.local file at all!

I suppose, you have inetd running, unless in /etc/rc.conf you
have a line like
FreeBSD 4 enables by default the inetd server.

Then edit /etc/inetd.conf, and uncomment this line:

#ftp    stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd -l

Next, restart inetd by sending the HUP signal to the executable:

# kill -HUP <pid-of-inetd>

(you know how to find the pid of the inetd daemon, don't you?)

For security, edit /etc/hosts.allow; in your case:

ftpd : xxx.xxx.xxx : allow
ALL : ALL : deny

The last line denies access to everything else, so that all lines below will have no effect.


Once you've got this up and running, consider at a later stage to investigate
how to use 'secure ftp', or sftp. This needs a different configuration and
has nothing to do with above settings. It is much more secure (at least people
say so....).


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