On 18 Jun 2004 at 0:48, LW Ellis wrote:

Good morning!
> I'm trying to configure my ftpd so I can access the http server from
> another computer. (for uploading web pages) According to The Complete
> FreeBSD (I am a complete newby) I need to add a line to my
> /etc/rc.local file I don't have one. I have a /etc/rc.conf Are  they
> the same? Or do I need a new file?
I do not think this applies any more.
The only thing you have got to do after a fresh install (if you did not do it during 
install) is to edit /etc/inetd.conf
On line 7, remove the # (comment) on the line starting with #ftp stream tcp
and your ftp server should be up and running after a restart.
You may also check that your /etc/rc.conf contains the line
> Next question
> The line I need to add ???
> echo " ftpd" && ftpd -a -D xxx.xxx.xxx
> (to restrict address to only one)
> (from what I gleaned from ftpd(8) of the manual)
Seems like some fine tuning you can safely save for a later time.
> Later,
> Leon

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