> I do not quite see the problem.
> Are you running your FTP program on a Windows PC trying to access the ftp
server on
> the FreeBSD PC? If that is the case you use the FTP program (I use CuteFTP
> WS_FTP) on the Windows PC to navigate to the desired folder on the FreeBSD
> Then you will be able to download most files to your Windows PC. But what
you can
> upload will depend upon permissions and what user you logged in as.
> Kjell
> >
It won't let me above the default FTP folder.
I use Dreamwever, but I tried with Front page,
and WS_FTP, and none could get above the default folder.
I've been reading my book, and the FTP(8)
man pages, maybe I need to run the FTPD utility.
Apparently it is sent up only as anonymous FTP...
I never askes for a user name or password.

PS I meant to say I installed PHP with OUT any trouble.


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