On Sun 2004-06-20 (11:00), Mike Miocevich wrote:
> Hi,
> Can FreeBSD act like Windows Terminal Server, i.e. remote access, multiple sessions?

Hi Mike,

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is FreeBSD, like all unices, has been built from the ground up as a
multi-user network operating system.

Allowing multiple users to work at the same time on a FreeBSD box is as
simple as enabling ssh and adding users to the system.  If you want to
give them graphical access, you can use X forwarding, or if you are on
windows machines, VNC.  I recommend TightVNC (http://www.tightvnc.com/).
I have worked on an easy way to allow users a graphical login without
having to make them run X servers on windows or manually setup a VNC
session.  It is documented at

It is incomplete at the moment.  All I need to do is clean up the
presentation and grammar (I was always better at maths :), and insert
instructions on use of KDE's Desktop Manager.


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