Hi Mark,

        852 MB should be enough.  Go with a "Custom" installation, and
you'll need to be utterly ruthless about not installing unneeded
distribution sets.

"Custom" installation scares me a little, as I don't really know what I'm doing yet.
I will try and read docs and probably start over lots of times (which is fine with me).
When I really get stuck can always ask again :-)


I installed a custom NetBSD version on a 420megabyte harddisk, and installed numberous FreeBSD installations (from 4.3 if i recall correctly) on a 1.2gb harddisk. With those two numbers i can figure you can install a minimum install of FreeBSD on your disk, and add some nice little features (the 420mb disk was running a firewall,dnsserver and a passthrough mailserver (With some low end checks that i didn't want to have on the actual mailserver behind it). This box also was a Sniffer in my network for extented period of time, logging everything to a SQL box behind it (on the management network ofcourse) , it had a lot of traffic passing through but it managed to work.

So, the install size will be ok i think, your only issue might indeed be running into steps that might confuse you, reading the docs and asking us are good options.

Goodluck :)

-- Kind regards,

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