Jorn Argelo said:
> Alison Lloyd wrote:
>>I'm trying to get a FreeBSD box set up as a router between my cable
>>internet connection and my home LAN.  I'm using a Compaq Professional
>>Workstation 5000 (yes, the Pentium Pro thingy), which I've installed an
>>extra NIC into.  The output from uname -a is:
>>FreeBSD gorgonzola 4.9-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE #1: Thu May 20
>> 23:35:28
>>BST 2004 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GORGONZOLA i386
>>I'm using 4.9 because 5.2.1 refuses to find any harddrives (IDE or SCSI),
>>incidently.  I've recompiled the original kernel to include ipfw support.
>>My firewall ruleset is:
>>add 10000 divert 8668 ip from any to any via tl0
>>add 60000 allow ip from any to any
>>add 11010 allow tcp from any to any established
>>add 11100 deny log tcp from any to tl0
>>where tl0 is the external interface and rl0 is the internal one.  I've
>> got
>>everything up and running, got the external interface registered with my
>>ISP, and can connect to the internet fine (http, ftp, ports all work).
>>I've set the box up to DHCP for its external IP (which it does fine), and
>>to use for the internal one.
>>The problems come in when I try to use a machine on the internal LAN -
>> the
>>router locks solid - no response to anything at all.  It passes a few
>>packets to start with, but then dies.  After reboot, there are no
>>suspicious entries in the logs, at least none that I can find.  So long
>> as
>>I don't do anything on the internal LAN, everything runs perfectly!
>>I've tried disabling all extraneous things (sendmail, etc.), to no avail.
>>I'm not sure what to try next, as I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and firewalls
>>/ routers in general.
>>  Alison
> What are you using to let your internal LAN connect to the outside
> world? Are you using a proxy server or natd or something else? If you're
> using natd, do make sure that you're routing it to the right NIC (Your
> external NIC to your ISP should be in the natd_interface section at
> /etc/rc.conf) If that's not the case, I can't really think of something
> else.

I'm using natd, with a natd_interface line in my rc.conf routing it to the
external interface.  I've also specified dynamic, unregistered_only and
use_sockets for natd.

What sort of tracking can I implement, to try to find out what's breaking?
 Is there any way to bump up the error logging level or something?

> You're saying that 5.2.1 is not able to locate your harddrive at all?
> And you just have a simple ATA controller with nothing else? It should
> be working just fine then. Perhaps that your installation media was bad
> or there is a hardware problem with your machine. I never seen 5.2.1 not
> being able to detect a proper working IDE drive.

Although hardware failure is a possibility (this is very old kit, after
all), since everything runs perfectly under 4.9, I'm inclined to believe
the hardware is ok.  5.2.1 doesn't locate any hard drives at all, IDE or
SCSI (although it does allow booting (but not reading) off the IDE
cd-rom).  I used an ISO downloaded from the website which boots fine...


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