On Jun 22, 2004, at 12:57 AM, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

On Jun 21, 2004, at 3:25 PM, Bill Moran wrote:

You'd be much better off with some sort of NAS in a raid
config, even if it were home grown, to store the spools.

We already have a "home-grown NAS" (just a FreeBSD box with Vinum RAID) but
it doesn't protect me if the machine with the drives has a power supply or a
mobo or a CPU go south. I don't know if a NAS is any more reliable than a
PC, but it's still a single point of failure.

Yes, but your scenario of losing all the mail before the backup if something goes poof is covered. In other words, if a CPU or a MB goes poof, you do not lose your mail stores. Your RAID disk protects you against that. Your mail may not be accessible while you replace a MB or CPU or PS (get redundant PS), but you do not lose it, which is the failure you wanted to protect against.

And keep an extra MB, CPU, PS, etc around so you can swap them out if necessary without lots of downtime...


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