Have an appliction (MIMEDefang) that is giving me quite a few piperd when looked at with top. Added:
kern.maxfiles=65536 #system-wide limit
kern.maxfilesperproc=32768 #per-process limit
to the sysctl.conf file, and at the same time, put the directory containing the filese MIMEDefang writes and reads from on a ram disk. Still seeing lots of these:
24849 defang -8 0 26976K 26212K piperd 0:02 0.00% 0.00% perl
24850 defang -8 0 27144K 26380K piperd 0:02 0.00% 0.00% perl
Also seeing quite a bit of the incoming email with that's rejected with a service unavailable error, which is likely related.

Any ideas of what I should be looking for would be much appreciated......



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