Karim Forsthofer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello
> I tried to compile a new kernel from my 5.1 bsd cd.

5.1 is an obsolete, experimental version.  If you're new to FreeBSD, you
should be using 4.10.  If you want to experiment with the 5.x branch, you
should be using 5.2.1.  Many problems that existed in 5.1 have been fixed in
5.2.1.  You're unlikely to get any support for 5.1.

> "Config" and "make depend" worked well, but "make" stops and
> print out some warnings about unused functions in npx.c (or something else).

This is the old way of building a kernel.  You should use "make buildkernel"
as described in the handbook:

For future reference, it's very difficult to help when problems are
described as "print out some warnings about unused functions in npx.c
(or something else)".  If you have questions in the future, you'll get
more helpful answers if you provide the exact error messages.  This
document describes how to ask good questions:

> I searched in the newsgroup and found some similar postings to this
> subject
> It seems to me, that the problem appears when the RealTek pci NIC
> device is included in the config file. Someone wrote in the newsgroup,
> that gcc works with the wrong compiler flags, that means that the
> compiler stops at warnings, but he didn`t mention how the solve this
> problem or how to change the flags.
> Any suggestions?
> My Hardware is a d-link nic and the ensoniq 1370 soundcard, the other stuff is 
> very common.
> The MYKERNEL configfile is attached to this email. 
> Hope you can help me. 
> Greetings  Karim 

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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