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> Hi list,

> 1. I've added a 'paw' menu to access the main menu, but I'd like the
> win-key to open this menu. possible?

Almost anything is possible, if you work hard enough. Please tell us more
about what your environment is before you expect any meaningful answer.
You might want to start checking out xmodmap which is good at remapping

> 3. Annoyances with enemy territory:

Keys: Look above, xmodmap might help.

>   - Im getting some delay switching weapons and shooting. I press mouse1
> and about 0.5sec later the weapon will shoot. This should be
> instantaneous. I don't have any idea on this one, solutions ?

Do remember that you are running the Linux version of ET. It is slower
than running native. You are very welcome to try to convince the
developers of Enemy Territory to do a FreeBSD version.

>   - CAPS LOCK key won't work ingame. Works fine on gnome. I need the caps
>   lock key on enemy territory.

Look to my answer above.

Hope that at least pointed you in the right direction.

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