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I find thunderbird to be my favorite email program, but
unfortunately I have already set up good spam filters through
postfix/procmail/fetchmail and I wish to keep that. I read that some
have set up IMAP servers so thunderbird can access it. Is that

Of course.

How can I set up a very simple IMAP (which ones? dovecot?
cyrus? courier?) server? Could someone help or point me to documents
that tells me how to set it up (a standalone IMAP server with no
connection to outside internet, just on my box?

Consider the type of mail format you wish. Courier uses Maildir format, Dovecot uses both mbox or Maildir format, etc...

I am partial to a newer Maildir format type IMAPs server, binc at


It is 1000s of lines of code lighter than the others, very fast, and
works very well. I have it on 5 production boxes currently ... without
problems. It is very easy to set up, and runs well on FreeBSD.

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