cyrus? courier?) server? Could someone help or point me to documents that tells me how to set it up (a standalone IMAP server with no has some nice docs. Or, you could just use google and search for the server of your needs. I used courier-imap, and it's working nicely. UW-imap just sucks (performance and the mbox-way of IMAP, not too cool ;)

Btw. if you're planning to *move* from mbox-stlye mailboxes to Maildir boxes, don't forget to convert the users' mailboxes with (search google and follow the instructions).

I've heard about dovecot but just after I set courier up (that was a 5-minute procedure).

I think the normal-base-whatever-you-call-it procmail cannot do anything with Maildirs. If I'm wrong, tell me.


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