I want to do traffic shaping with a FreeBSD firewall.  The firewall uses
IPF on FBSD 5.2.1-p8, and the only shaper I see in the ports is trickle.
This doesn't even integrate into the firewall, so it would be useless to
me for shaping traffic from other hosts on the protected network.
Besides, I can't allocate bandwidth the way I want to.

I basically want to be able to "guarantee" certain services a certain
minimum level of bandwidth, but offering more if it is available.  For
example, I want WWW traffic to have at LEAST 50% of outgoing bandwidth
under heavy load (leaving 50% for all other services).  But I also want
to "guarantee" that interactive sessions (ssh) have 10% of the bandwidth.
(I'm just making these numbers up for this example.)  That way, if I
crank up, say, NNTP services on a client and start sucking large files
from USENET, or if I start FTPing ISO images for the next FBSD release,
I could still surf the web and ssh to my favorite offsite computers
without much delay in response.  Yet if I'm otherwise idle while NNTPing
or FTPing, I can use the full bandwidth of my connection for the file

I started looing at ALTQ, but wasn't sure how well it worked with FBSD.
I'm not even sure if it can offer the kind of QoS shaping I want; I was
more interested in if it even worked with FBSD.

Are there any recommendations out there?  Does anyone here have any
experience with a FBSD QoS traffic shaper?
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