Hi everyone,

I recently tried to add a user to my FreeBSD box, but was amazed to find that 
the / partition was full! I had a look, and the culprit is the "/rescue" 
folder, holding 135 statically linked binaries of nearly 4Mb each, giving a 
folder size of 491Mb! 

The Handbook says that "100 MB is a reasonable size for this filesystem. You 
will not be storing too much data on it, as a regular FreeBSD install will 
put about 40 MB of data here." ( 2.5.5). I gave my root partition what I 
thought was a generous 512Mb.

What is going on here? I read the "rescue" manpage, and while it might be a 
nice thing to fall back on, I can't justify it over being able to add user 

Should I just delete this lot? Should I have a bigger / partition?

Is the handbook out of date in this respect? (/rescue was added in 5.2)

All comments welcome...


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