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> I got the small problem, I would like to keep my ports collection 
> update using cvsup but I don't have a direct connection to the 
> internet. My Computer is on a network with my Fathers computer which 
> is running windows xp.  Lets say I have full access to my fathers 
> computer as long I don't remove windows xp. What would I have to do 
> to my fathers computer and my in order to keep my ports collections 
> updated.
> I read the man pages something about cvsup using a socks proxy but 
> where do I find this runsock(I look in the ports and try the 'which' 
> command) and how do I use it. 

You can enable 'connection sharing' on your Father's XP box which
should permit your FreeBSD machine sufficient network access to run
cvsup(1).  Connection Sharing simply makes the XP machine into a NAT
gateway for your home network, and enables a DHCP+DNS service on the
XP box, so that other home machines can autoconfigure themselves
against it.  A FreeBSD machine should be able to do that without too
much trouble.

There's plenty of previous traffic on this topic on the FreeBSD lists
-- start with these, for example


Good luck.  Oh, and good luck in the near future when you start trying
to persuade your Father that having a FreeBSD box to do the Internet
Gateway stuff would be a better idea -- somehow I can sense that one



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